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Stafford Rescue Victoria

Adopt a Stafford


We are looking for stable, committed and dog experienced ‘forever’ homes for our rescue Staffords. Experience with the breed is preferred. If you’ve never been lucky enough to have a Stafford in your life we suggest you go and meet a few. Walk and talk with their owners. They are fantastic dogs and you will feel more confident in welcoming them into your heart and home.

In re-homing a Stafford your life will be enriched with both love and companionship. They are a wonderful and intelligent breed.

All rescue Staffords are desexed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to being re-homed.


Adoption process

Welcoming a Stafford into your home and heart is a wonderful thing!  By adopting, you know you’re saving a life, as pounds are full of purebred and crossbred Staffords.  They make great family dogs, as they are loyal, loving and intelligent, but do YOU have what it takes to offer one of our Staffords an awesome forever home??

Before you fill out our Adoption Application, please consider these things: 

  • SRV is not a pound, shelter or shop.  We operate out of a private residence and actually only have 4 runs available to house Staffords for adoption.  Meet and greets are by appointment only.  If a meet and greet is set up, then delayed for any reason, it means that the rescue of another dog is delayed.  It can also mean that that dog you apply for may be adopted to the potential adopters who are next in line to you.Please bear in mind too that we cannot board your dog directly after you’ve adopted him/her… that will take up a valuable run that is required urgently for another dog in need.


  • Are you REALLY ready to welcome this new family member?  Please make sure your backyard is 100% secure and appropriate, make sure you can afford to have a dog, and make sure you have the time necessary to devote to the dog, training-wise and in general.  Research training establishments for your new dog.  When you take your new dog home, you’ll need at the very least 3 days, but preferably a week, to settle your dog into your home, so please make sure you can take time off work to make this happen


  • Make sure you read the dog’s profile thoroughly.  There are conditions/requirements for each specific dog on their profiles.  Do you/your home match these requirements?


  • SRV is run by volunteers.  Please be patient… we WILL get back to you!


The above points will help us match you to your potential new family member, and it’s important that you keep them in mind, as adhering to them makes the adoption process that much quicker and easier for all concerned!


If you are ready to offer a forever home to a Stafford and see a dog you like on the Available Staffords page, please register your interest by completing the Adoption Request Form. We ask that you only submit the form when you see a dog you are interested in as we receive too many applications to actively match future dogs to current adoption requests.



We ask people to fill out the adoption form because it ensures we match each dog to their perfect family.


If you do not get response in regards to the dog you are enquiring about please don’t be discouraged. It just means that a suitable application was received before yours.


We encourage you to contact Jan:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. every 1-2 weeks to show you are still interested in adopting and contact her immediately if you see a dog on Facebook or the website that you are interested in. As we will already have your form on file it will fast track the process when a suitable dog does become available. It is also important to contact Stafford Rescue Victoria if your circumstances have changed and the form needs amendment.


All general adoption queries should be asked using email as we do not have time to answer general adoption queries with a phone call.


Important Information - Your New Dog

The following publications have been produced to assist all new adoptive owners with their new dog. Reading these are imperative in assisting your dog to settle in to his new home and ensure a high success rate for re-homed dogs.
It is part of our terms and conditions of adopting a dog that the relevant publications are read by all family members.

All adoptive families must read:

Households with existing dogs must read: