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Stafford Rescue Victoria

Become a Foster Carer


Must be experienced with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed.

Please read the criteria carefully and if interested please complete the below form:


Foster Carer Criteria:

  • Reference required from a Veterinary Clinic.
  • Secure backyard as a house check will be conducted.
  • Photos of backyard required with your application.
  • Foster carer agreement will be supplied by Stafford Rescue Victoria.
  • Council approval required in writing, especially if more than two dogs will be at the property.
  • May need the ability to keep dogs seperated if more than one dog.
  • Carer will need to pick up and bring dogs back yo Kyneton as required.
  • Notes require on behaviour problems.
  • Training required.
  • Work closely with Jan and Trish to correct any issues with dogs.
  • Must be 25 years old and over.
  • Food will be paid for.