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Stafford Rescue Victoria



Training and Behaviour


Stafford Rescue Victoria rely on the efforts of our dedicated behaviourists to advise on methods of dealing with our rescue dogs. If you are in need of this service, please contact one of the professional organisations below:



Happy Hounds Web Site Link     Four Paws K9 Training     Dognitive Therapy Web Link


Shelley Revell




Trish Harris



Laura Vissaritis



Animal Welfare


A team of very dedicated people have created the below and other very dedicated people are watching all internet sites (selling and trading in pets) and reporting what can be reported to the site owners (underage puppies, no price etc) and then others are emailing the sellers in regards to non desexed dogs/cats and the dangers.


Have you seen any irresponsible Pet classifieds or advertisements? Then please expose them on this Facebook page




Here are some letter templates you can use to send to people you see placing irresponsible pet classifieds or advertisements




Please join the Fully Aware Facebook page. The aim of the page is to educate and inform people about the perils of selling or giving away a pet that is not desexed.




Or check out their website: http://www.fully-aware.com



Legal Advice



Animal Law Clinic



Animal Law Clinic



Dogs on Trial


The BSL laws continue to cause heartache to any dog owners who have had their dogs seized. The following link takes you to Dogs On Trial, who will give you valuable advice on the steps to take in this situation.