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Stafford Rescue Victoria

Lost or Stolen Staffords


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the No.1 most stolen dog in Australia' 

This page has been opened as it seems that a lot of staffords are being stolen as well as being accidently lost.

We recommend contacting Lee at Pet Search 

“The sooner you ask for help the better” 

They have searched for over 26,000 lost pets and most of these are back home with their families. 

They have over 17 years experience in searching for all types of lost pets including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, reptiles and rodents and their techniques are used by lost pet services around the world, including the US and the UK. 

The techniques are not new or unusual, they are proven thousands of times over. 

1300 309 004


Lost your Dog?

Please also contact us at Stafford Rescue with a photo and a brief story of when and where your dog went missing from and we will add it to this page. 

A good idea to deter thieves is to have your pet desexed because usually they are stolen for breeding purposes and unless you want to show your stafford desexing is a very good idea. 

For male dogs it will help with cleanliness and also with diseases such as testicular cancer or prostate cancer. 

For females it stops the girl from coming into season and unwanted pregnancies and also stops the risk of pyometra. This is a disease of the uterus and can be fatal at times. 

Also we recommend that your dog is microchipped and this is easily done at your vet, or a good breeder will sell you the puppy with this already done. 

All councils require microchipping now when a new dog is registered