Please read the following 6-step process listed below in order to surrender.


We only take pure bred Stafford’s but they don’t need to have pedigree papers. Please note: we don’t take American Stafford’s or Stafford X’s. It is preferable to keep the dog at its current home until we can find a new home as we have limited space in our boarding facility.

Step 1 - Contact us

Prior to completing  the following steps, please contact Jan ensure we are able to accommodate the dog you are surrendering.

Please note before calling: SRV do not take American Stafford’s or Stafford X’s.
American Staffordshire Terrier Cub. 0408 260 242
Please don’t call SRV unless you have an (English) Staffordshire Bull Terrier to surrender

Step 2 - Initial Assessment
  • Questionnaire form
  • two good quality photos (no larger than 1MB in size). Take the photo down at the dog’s level so we can see the dog clearly.
  • Your phone number and suburb

Do not proceed with the next step the process until you receive advice from Jan.

Step 3 - Complete a transfer form

Fill in one of the forms below using a black pen. The form you need to complete will be determined by the microchip company the dog is registered with.

There are four different microchip registers in Australia. You need to determine which one your dog is registered with.

If you don’t know the microchip number a vet can scan the dog and give it to you.

If you don’t know the microchip company the dog is registered with key in the 15 digit number on the Pet Address website –

Please don’t fill out the payment details as we pay for that.

Step 4 - Provide certificates

Forward us a copy of de-sexing and last vaccination certificates along with a current health check and any medical history you or your vet may have.

Step 5 - Email the information to us

Please scan each form as a separate document then email all of the forms, photos and certificates to Ensure all of the required information is contained in a single email and not spread across multiple emails as this is hard to track.

Step 6 - Temperament test

Prior to surrender the dog will need to undergo a temperament test, SRV will not accept a dog unless we have a behavior assessment completed by one of our assessors.

Please call Jan Hutton on 0408 515 111 during business hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.
Late morning, midday or early afternoon are best times to make appointment for assessment.

The test will be conducted in Diggers Rest and will cost $75. If this fee is too much you can talk to Jan so we can work something out.

All paperwork is required prior to the behavior assessment being completed.

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