We are a breed-specific rescue group for pure-bred English Staffordshire Bull Terriers (pedigree papers are not essential). We cannot take American Staffords (for American Staffords, please email or Stafford x’s (please contact your local council pound to ask which rescue group they would recommend – leaving your dog at the pound may not be feasible). It is preferable to keep the dog at its current home until we can find a new home if possible.

Surrender Information

Please note: SRV do not take American Stafford’s or Stafford X’s.

Please don’t proceed unless you have an (English) Staffordshire Bull Terrier to surrender.

  • Surrender Questionnaire form
  • Provide at least two good quality photos of your Stafford. These photos must be :
    • Taken at the Stafford’s eye level: best to get your camera ready, kneel down to the dog’s level and take the picture
    • One of their face and one of them standing
    • Must be in .jpg format and maximum 2mb in size.
  • Your phone number and suburb

For help on resizing and changing the format of images, please search for help using your favourite search engine, as each device will have its own method.

Do not proceed with the next step the process until you receive advice from Jan.

Certificates and Forms

Once you have completed and submitted the transfer form in Step 1, please obtain and email the following documents in a single email in PDF format to (do not send these documents as images):

  • Current Vaccination Certificate. If vaccinations are not current, these will need to be done with a health check prior to surrendering the dog.  If you unable to afford the vet fees, you can talk to Jan so we can work something out.
  • Extract of health history. This can be provided by contacting your vet and requesting an extract of the dog’s records.
  • Desexing certificate. If you do not have a copy of this, your vet can provide a copy.
  • Completed Microchip form.

There are three microchip register companies in Australia.  If you do not know which microchip company your dog is registered with, go to the Pet Address website – and enter the microchip number (provided in Step 1).

Only fill out the form for the company your dog is registered with.

Please do not fill out the payment details section of the form, as we pay for the transfer.

Note: we do not transfer the microchip ownership until the dog has settled into their new home after adoption.


“Prior to accepting the dog for surrender, it will need to undergo a behaviour assessment completed by one of our assessors.  This written assessment is important to help any potential liability protection of the new owners and previous owners in case of the Stafford getting into an altercation with another dog.

The test will be conducted in Diggers Rest and will cost $75. If this fee is too much, you can talk to Jan so we can work something out.

Please call Jan Hutton on 0408 515 111 during business hours Monday to Friday to discuss making an appointment for assessment.

Note: SRV is a volunteer organisation, therefore please be patient with our team when making an appointment.  Our volunteers are located all over Victoria, and complete this work from their own homes in their free time.

All paperwork in the previous steps are required to be submitted prior to the behaviour assessment being completed.”

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