SRV was bequeathed money in early 2021 from a very special lady who wanted to help our wonderful breed.

We thought long and hard about how to honour her legacy and are very excited to announce that we are launching The SRV Vet Care Loan Fund.

We ask that the owner has either a pension or health care card. The vet will need to verify this card belongs to the dog owner. If you haven’t got either of these cards and can prove that you are going through financial stress we still maybe able to help you for the care of your dog.

This fund can be used to help people who cannot afford to pay vet fees for their Stafford’s. Because we are a breed specific rescue group, our charity is set up for (English) Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Our constitution only allows us to help this specific breed.

SRV often get a phone call from people asking to surrender their dogs due to an expensive operation being needed. We would much rather that dog stay in their home with their owners who they know & love. It’s a much better outcome for the dogs and their owners.

There are many operations that can help save dog’s lives which often owners can’t afford like:

  • General operations
  • Eye & ear operations
  • Dental work
  • Desexing

The list goes on….

Even though we highly recommend pet insurance we know that not everybody has their dogs insured.

We will agree to a repayment plan with the owners that is affordable for them. Once signed the loan money will be paid directly to the vet.

How to help

Become a volunteer
Make a donation