Fleece Harness – Size 4 Sale


Fleece Harness – Size 4 Sale


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Size 4 is the best fit for most English Staffys

Size 4 = 51cm – 78cm

  • Easy fit dog harness, no lifting and putting the dogs legs through to fit in.
  • Undo the two side clips to fit, all clips fully tested.
  • Paws design soft fleece fabric, no rubbing from the strong webbing.
  • Fully adjustable on both sides of the harness, non-slip adjusters.
  • Very comfortable for the dog, no pulling around the neck part.
  • Let the dog run freely with the dog harness still on.
  • Machine washable.

How to measure your dog:
Measure around the chest part, just behind the front two legs at the deepest part of the chest. Click here for Sizing Information.

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