Our dog harnesses are made in the UK and are specially designed to minimise chafing which makes them strong and light. We use a very high standard of webbing, protected with fleece fabric which makes our harnesses the most comfortable your dog could wear. Our dog harnesses are available in sizes 2 to 6 to suit most dog breeds and sizes. Click here for Sizing Information.

A Fleece Dog Harness spreads the stress over a larger surface area. Neck and trachea injuries might occur if a dog is constantly yanking, pulling or fighting the lead. Unlike a lead attached to the collar at the neck, a lead attached to a fleece harness connects to a hook on the dog’s back between their shoulders to make your dog feel more comfortable and pull less.

Our harnesses are easy fitting, no lifting and putting the dog’s legs through to fit the harness. Just undo the two side clips and put the harness over your dogs head to fit. Soft fleece fabric means no rubbing from the strong webbing. Fully adjustable on both sides of the harness with non-slip adjusters.

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