Covid 19 Update

Sadly, since Covid came along we have lost a most of our daily volunteers who used to come along twice a day to walk, feed and play with the dogs. This has meant we can’t use the facility as we did prior to Covid. Many of our amazing volunteers have moved away, changed jobs etc. which has meant they can’t attend the facility like they used to, however we can still use the facility for the intake of dogs and adoptions and an emergency overnight stay or two until the dog gets placed into foster care. We are always in need of foster carers so please go to our application link if you think you would like to foster one of our Stafford’s.  We will continue to support those seeking to surrender their dogs by working with them to keep those dogs in their own homes until we can find suitable foster care or new home. We will continue to update you as things evolve. Let’s continue to move forward with kindness, empathy and a sense of community.