Our Facility Update

Since Covid restrictions started to relax our facility has been available for use again. Of course we have a strict Covid plan in place to protect our volunteers and any visitors.

During Covid and lockdown there was a big reduction in the number of people looking to surrender their dogs. There was also a big lift in people looking to adopt. This was due to many reasons. People were spending more time at home with their dogs, and subsequently less dogs were left for long periods of time home alone. They also had more time to spend training their dogs. This also meant less problems arising too. We hope this trend continues as restrictions relax and people go back to the workplace.

We always look to place any dog waiting for adoption into a foster home as a preference. If you think you could help by fostering a dog with us please fill out the foster carer application on our website. https://staffordrescuevictoria.org.au/become-a-foster-carer/

We are also always looking for volunteers to help out at our facility. There is always ongoing cleaning and maintenance needed to ensure we are always ready should a dog need emergency help and somewhere safe to stay. If you would like to join our volunteers and have even a few hours a month to help out, please fill out the volunteer application on our website. https://staffordrescuevictoria.org.au/volunteer/